I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with your program.  This is I think the third time we have had Ashton in one of your camps and we are always so happy with the way everything is run.  Ashton loves going every time and can’t wait to get on the ice with you guys.  You are all always so positive and encouraging with all the little kids.
Thanks so much!

Michelle Gaulton

My son is emotional, quite passive and lacks strength, but he is only 5! Because of this program and the Sunday CHIP practices throughout last houseleague season, his confidence on the ice, his desire to go to the rink and his aggression has literally tripled! Now he wants to play ball hockey at home, he is excited to go to the rink (even for 6am) and he tells all his relatives that he is a hockey player. Your program is excellent. I’m glad I took the advice of Corey Edwards to sign Reid up. And a great price! The bar viewing area was a nice touch too.

The Headstart Hockey program is the most well-run hockey clinic I have ever seen. The young adults that coach are professional and hard-working and the players leave the ice with smiles and confidence. This is an excellent program to take your little hockey player to the next level.

-Ryan Olmstead, July and August Session Attended

We were very impressed with how structured and organized this program was. We also appreciated the staff’s sense of humour and how they encourage the kids. Over the last two months we have witnessed an incredible improvement in my son’s skills and abilities. With every passing skate, his love for the game grew! All the development staff have been nothing but positive examples of how proper instruction and communication should be delivered at this age. The staff’s dedication to the kids is evident at every session. I hope that this program continues for a very long time and continues to grow and I look forward to registering next summer. Our only regret is that we did not enroll our older son

-Despina Marinos, July and August Session Attended

The instructors were always attentive to the kids and there was no down time waiting to be instructed. It seemed like they knew what the lesson plan was for the day. Very satisfied with the instructors energy and kid involvement. My son really enjoyed and more important had fun, he is young 4 years old so it was extremely important for him to enjoy and have fun as the first goal.

-Rolando Huezo, July and August Session Attended